• What the BLEEP is this piece on? Why it's on a new web commercial by Crissy Field Media in collaboration with Wine Country VFX group, DogBrain Studios

  • Trailer for “Dancing with the trickster”, a new documentary about the work of Dr. Stanley Krippner. Coming soon from Crissy Field Media

  • Golden Gate Park Bandshell / July 16, 1988 Jerry Garcia and Friends: Soviet American Peace Walk
    John Cipollina, Martin Fierro, Pete Sears, Merl Saunders, Norton Buffalo, Bobby Vega, Greg Anton

    Wavy Gravy Music Video
    Produced & Directed by Jesse Block
    Music Produced by Dan Shea
    Words and Music by Wavy Gravy with back up from Ace of Cups
    First Release from the new Ace of Cups album

  • Originally produced in 1967, this Documentary was updated in 1986 to gauge the direction of the lives of the original participants of the 1967 Production. Jesse Block worked on the revised feature as secondary Camera DP.

  • From the CFM Archives: Join us for a truly memorable album of THE SWEETWATER SESSIONS from 1991, Featuring the likes of John Lee Hooker, Michael Mclure and Jerry Garcia.

CFM_Slider_04The Bay Area has been home to a quality of life unsurpassed. The people who live here know that. They work hard so they can live here and play hard when they can. Crissy Field Media understand these simple truths and strive to honor them in every production.

To best capture the heart of The City it takes someone who understands That City. That is where Crissy Field Media Excels

Whether it is a Corporate event, business presentation, Documentary or musical performance Crissy Field Media is your partner in the San Francisco bay area for the finest in Video Production, both
in the studio and in the field.